Lynx baby. It’s the litmus test that stands out above all others. So tinyMCE works in Lynx. Graceful. Oh I forgot, I can use control x e in lynx to get into Emacs! so here I am in emacs. with nmxl mode on and so on and so forth. Who needs anything more? My gentoo […]


I scavenged a power supply from the pile of two under my desk at home and resurrected my firewall at work. I’m not really sure why I have a firewall at work, which is in turn behind the campus-wide firewall, but that’s the way it goes. Before they locked down the campus I was wide […]

Thorns and Trellises

I got jabbed by a rosebush today.   I was telling Grace to put on her shoes by slapping at my foot (ironically, my bare foot, but then, I wasn’t running around I was just checking on them) when I slapped a freshly pruned rosebush instead and got about 5 thorns in my hand and three […]

Working from home

Working from home.  I can look out and see the bits of dead grass where the recent frost nipped it.  The little dog from the end of the cul-de-sac ran by and I had to go herd her back home.  Which meant I ended up talking with her owner for 30 minutes, and then his […]

Word is bad for me

Just spent an hour formatting a floating text figure in Word.  My goodness, why do people pay for this product?  In LaTeX, I just tell the engine I have a figure, or a table, and it floats it for me, and cuts the text scroll appropriately.  I don’t want to position the figure, I just […]