Lynx baby. It’s the litmus test that stands out above all others. So
tinyMCE works in Lynx. Graceful. Oh I forgot, I can use control x e
in lynx to get into Emacs!

so here I am in emacs. with nmxl mode on and so on and so forth.
Who needs anything more?

My gentoo box (this one) went nuts today. Was having trouble with
portage, and things were running really slowly, so I rebooted to run a
disk check and sure enough, my root partition had lots of errors. I
just said yes to all the fixes, and things are running well enough to
run, but portage is choking on circular dependencies. So its emerge
–nodeps system for me today.

Luckily I have to spend today working on the windows box over there
anyway, writing in word and converting powerpoint to scorm compliant

This is a test of
inserting a div with an inline stlyle


I scavenged a power supply from the pile of two under my desk at home and resurrected my firewall at work. I’m not really sure why I have a firewall at work, which is in turn behind the campus-wide firewall, but that’s the way it goes. Before they locked down the campus I was wide open to the internet. Well, except for the fact that I’ve pretty much always run a firewall. shorewall, actually, on a slackware 9 box. I should upgrade it.

But who has the time anymore?

Writing text in msft word is so irritating. I honestly can’t fathom why anyone puts up with that program, let alone pays money for it. All you windows users should run out and install MikTeX now. And NTEmacs too, while you’re at it, plus AuxTeX, and eventually in 5 years or so you’ll wonder how in blue blazes anyone can stand writing anything in word.

What else to say? not much, don’t care. gotta get me a UV filter for my camera. Stupid of me to forget it. And I guess I should take the batteries out of my minolta before they melt all over the place. Boy, my minolta 7000 sure is heavy.

Interesting that this page loads with one error in Firebug. post-new.php, line 312. Ah, autocomplete popup. Cool, so this thing has autocomplete popups, huh?

It is also interesting that using this wysiayg editor is not nearly as annoying as using word. Probably because I don’t care about the results. I am not trying to put a figure here and cite a reference there are so on and so forth.

When I was at CRA an old boss used to scavenge food from the fridge.  Other projects would buy their minions lunch, and he’d vulture the leftovers.  I wonder if vultch will ever become a verb, as in  —I can’t believe he vultched that pizza.  It’s been on the counter for 4 hours.

So anyway, I vultured a powersupply today, but I cannot vulture a uv filter from my minolta.

Thorns and Trellises

I got jabbed by a rosebush today.   I was telling Grace to put on her shoes by slapping at my foot (ironically, my bare foot, but then, I wasn’t running around I was just checking on them) when I slapped a freshly pruned rosebush instead and got about 5 thorns in my hand and three in my foot.

Then I got to work making trellises out of the huge mound of pruned branches I generated yesterday.  Not much dent in the piled of sticks, but I made 4 nice rustic trellises.

And my new camera is fabulous.

Working from home

Working from home.  I can look out and see the bits of dead grass where the recent frost nipped it.  The little dog from the end of the cul-de-sac ran by and I had to go herd her back home.  Which meant I ended up talking with her owner for 30 minutes, and then his neighbors who were out trimming their roses.

But I’m waiting for a package from UPS, so I’m sitting here working this morning while Brooke goes in and out with the girls.  UPS won’t come until tonight, but if I had gone in to work this morning, the truck would have pulled up while Brooke was at yoga.

Hmm, tinyMCE did an autosave.  Nice hack.  Ah, but they aren’t listening to control-s, or at least, Firefox consumed that keycode.  Maybe I can hack in Emacs style bindings, like control-x control-s.  On the other hand, people expect control and alt to talk to the browser, not the widget.  I noticed in the Dojo ComboBox widget control and alt keys are cause to exit the _handleKeyEvents method.

Word is bad for me

Just spent an hour formatting a floating text figure in Word.  My goodness, why do people pay for this product?  In LaTeX, I just tell the engine I have a figure, or a table, and it floats it for me, and cuts the text scroll appropriately.  I don’t want to position the figure, I just want it where it belongs relative to the text.  What you see is all you get, I guess.

So I have some more gray hairs, and will get more every day until this document is done.