Working from home

Working from home.  I can look out and see the bits of dead grass where the recent frost nipped it.  The little dog from the end of the cul-de-sac ran by and I had to go herd her back home.  Which meant I ended up talking with her owner for 30 minutes, and then his neighbors who were out trimming their roses.

But I’m waiting for a package from UPS, so I’m sitting here working this morning while Brooke goes in and out with the girls.  UPS won’t come until tonight, but if I had gone in to work this morning, the truck would have pulled up while Brooke was at yoga.

Hmm, tinyMCE did an autosave.  Nice hack.  Ah, but they aren’t listening to control-s, or at least, Firefox consumed that keycode.  Maybe I can hack in Emacs style bindings, like control-x control-s.  On the other hand, people expect control and alt to talk to the browser, not the widget.  I noticed in the Dojo ComboBox widget control and alt keys are cause to exit the _handleKeyEvents method.


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