Lynx baby. It’s the litmus test that stands out above all others. So
tinyMCE works in Lynx. Graceful. Oh I forgot, I can use control x e
in lynx to get into Emacs!

so here I am in emacs. with nmxl mode on and so on and so forth.
Who needs anything more?

My gentoo box (this one) went nuts today. Was having trouble with
portage, and things were running really slowly, so I rebooted to run a
disk check and sure enough, my root partition had lots of errors. I
just said yes to all the fixes, and things are running well enough to
run, but portage is choking on circular dependencies. So its emerge
–nodeps system for me today.

Luckily I have to spend today working on the windows box over there
anyway, writing in word and converting powerpoint to scorm compliant

This is a test of
inserting a div with an inline stlyle

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