You can’t do a blindline with a mouse

I was just pondering submitting bugs to Dojo, and mailing questions in to the mailing list.  Quite a lot of noise there.  Probably best just to track my own version for now.  Although the wrong-way-round axis label on the Y axis of charting does bug me.

It seems a cough is working its way through our family.  I guess I’m next

We were discussing driver behavior and perception of safety today.  I think there is something interesting there.

I hate the sound of my voice recorded.  I mutter and mumble and swallow words.  But reading One Fish Two Fish tonight I was enunciating just fine and using great characterization.  Too bad lectures in powerpoint aren’t written by Dr. Seuss.

And finally, I was going to upload a blindline of my desk, but too lazy to fire up the scanner.  So I tried it in the Gimp.  I thought for sure that if I just made the window really big it would work fine—the mouse movements would be slow enough to be realistic.  Horrors!  First off the line is a constant chunky black blockiness.  I didn’t realize until I tried that I actually concentrate on the point of the pencil (or pen or crayon or whatever), not just the line.  So, so, so what, big deal.  I’ll try anything.  So I soldiered on, drawing my mug.  I did make a concession and bump the opacity down several notches, but no real difference.  Then my line moved off the screen edge, and instead of scrolling slowly, the screen window jetted down, and so did my line.  Oops.  Cntrl-Q, don’t save, don’t do that ever again.

Off to my oil crayons from Holland.


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