Bit rot explained

It wasn’t bit rot that was breaking my Batik tests.  It was maven.  I emerged to the latest version of maven, and dutifully upgraded the various plugins, and all my Batik tests were failing.  I even tried upping the version of junit, etc., to no avail.  But when I finally figured out how to test […]

Driving a Chrysler

Seems like the Chrysler part of DCX is finally revving its engine.  Funny how nothing changed except rumors of buyouts and spin-offs, and the stock pops.  The company itself, its products and workers, are all the same.  Why does the market think that getting it out from under Daimler will help the company, especially when […]

inexplicable bit rot

I am documenting old code, and in the process upgrading small things—new version of Maven2, etc.  While admittedly things have changed due to the “advice” that Eclipse has been giving me about my Java code, suddenly I find old tests that passed are now failing.  Batik is the culprit, but I just can’t make any […]

Is “Ruby red grapefruit in its own juice” good for you?

So I forgot to take my antibiotics this morning.  Which probably means nothing, but I am sick of strep throat. Finally getting work done again in the evenings (and at work).  Hooking up Dojo widgets to edit entries, pushing through some false starts.  Turns out that the Inline Edit widget doesn’t really like to be […]

February is over

Drove to SF/Oakland to visit siblings, nieces, and nephews. Drove back again. Worked to catch up. Flew to Sacramento. And back again in a day. Got strep throat.