Inside out objects

So a few weeks ago I stumbled across perlcritic. Which led to finding Module::Starter::PBP as a way to try to stop the carping my code was generating with missing perldoc, etc etc. I’ve been looking at Perl Best Practices on OReilly’s Safari, but I’ve never really sat down and read it online. So because perlcritic […]

The pin in my elbow is sore

Git, perlcritic, Eclipse, Javadoc and CPAN are all mishmashing together in my head.  I am beginning to get the hang of how to program and maintain a project.  But there are still nits to pick everywhere.  perlcritic wants revision control information in every file.  Git doesn’t appear to do that, and the git mode in […]

Horrible gloomy day

It was a sad morning on the bike, with Grace moaning and whimpering and carrying on.  It is a good thing we live in a warm climate, or we’d never hear the end of it.   I finally lost my temper when we hit the hill and my front derailleur refused to drop the chain down […]

B-17 saddle

More new stuff for my bike arrived yesterday (yay Rivendell’s shipping department).  New tires, because my old rear tire had a developing tear in the sidewall that was bulging every so slightly and making that dangerous whump whump sound.  A new saddle, Brooks B-17, because my old one, well, was old.  the girls liked my […]