Horrible gloomy day

It was a sad morning on the bike, with Grace moaning and whimpering and carrying on.  It is a good thing we live in a warm climate, or we’d never hear the end of it.   I finally lost my temper when we hit the hill and my front derailleur refused to drop the chain down to the smallest chainring.  I rarely use it, and it’s gotten out of alignment.  But speaking sharply or speaking sweetly both had the same effect—Grace still whimpered.

Then there were workers spraying weed poison in the park near our photo tree, so no picture this morning.

Finally when we got to school Grace began to cheer up.  Mr. Brad was working there, and Grace got a little shy, so he teased her that she wasn’t looking at him and got her to smile.  Yay for Mr. Brad.   Grace was still trying to put on a sad face with all her might, but it was beginning to fade at the edges.  The bell rang and all the kids screamed and started running to class as we rolled up to the lower grades courtyard.  Grace pulled off her ankle straps and I traded them for her lunch, then I gave her a big hug and told her I loved her.  She still wasn’t quite happy, but did seem noticeably  less sad.  So I asked her –Do you want me to throw you up in the air?  She said –No! but I picked her up and threw her anyway.  Finally a smile!

Miss McKenna was clever enough to notice Grace was trying valiantly to be sad and cold, so instead of asking about that, she asked whether her tooth was out yet.  Yay Miss McKenna.  She said –Can I see your hand out please? and Grace popped it out of her jacket and shook hands, said –Good morning! and was off.

Still a horrible gloomy day out.  Hopefully Grace’s good mood had held on though.


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