The pin in my elbow is sore

Git, perlcritic, Eclipse, Javadoc and CPAN are all mishmashing together in my head.  I am beginning to get the hang of how to program and maintain a project.  But there are still nits to pick everywhere.  perlcritic wants revision control information in every file.  Git doesn’t appear to do that, and the git mode in Emacs doesn’t do that either.  Eclipse probably can stuff revision control information into java files, but it doesn’t seem to like producing files to describe a package.  I think I can learn how to use git a little better, and perhaps I can work out a way to add tags and then ferret them out automatically in Emacs to populate a header, either in javadoc  or Perl POD.

But right now I have a couple of days of meetings.  Just got out of a corridor systems management and microsimulation training meeting, and about to head off to a symposium put on by the Econ department on Energy Policy in Society.  Then tomorrow is our monthly Testbed meeting.

And my elbow is sore.  Perhaps I need to get the pin taken out?


2 thoughts on “The pin in my elbow is sore

  1. You’re not the first to bang your head over hte RequireRcsKeywords policy in Perl-Critic. It has been suggested that we remove that policy from the Perl-Critic core because it is only tangential to Perl programming.

    I haven’t made a decision on that yet. But if you’re using Git or any other revision-control system that doesn’t support keywords, then I would suggest that you just disable the policy in your .perlcriticrc file.

    Hope that helps ease your pain a bit :)


  2. Thanks for that tip!

    My solution was two-fold. First I applied the examples/perlcriticrc-conway as my own .perlcriticrc file.

    Then the default way I was staring modules using Module::Starter wasn’t quite working right, so I also downloaded Module::Starter::PBP which solved most of my problems. I had to tweak the resulting base module a little bit (change the spelling of license, change the order of some words, etc), but now I have a great starting point for packages.

    perlcritic also meshes with emacs quite well, so it nags me if I’m saving something that doesn’t pass, and most importantly I learned that I’ve been using quotes all wrong all these years. Not quite as handy as Eclipse suggesting and fixing Java code with a click of the mouse, but then again I get to use Emacs rather than the Eclipse editor.

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