Symlinks are king, but still no joy

Okay, Sakai built just fine, but didn’t run, of course. It seems that you can’t just add a shared directory to Gentoo’s version of Tomcat6 and expect it to work. Going to try symlinks, and revert the pom changes, but I expect I’ll have to dig into properly configuring Tomcat 6


Newbie error, I neglected to check my spam filter.  Apparently 6 messages were tagged as spam.  I caught two, but four are gone forever. I only checked because my reply to Matthew Buckett was tagged as spam.  What kind of a spam filter thinks that the author of a weblog would spam his or her […]

Dropping in bodington.war

Well, turns out that dropping bodington.war into the Tomcat server does work without a hitch if you do the dropping from within the Tomcat Manager application. I just upgraded this morning from Tomcat 5.5 to Tomcat 6.0, and so I decided to try the “drop in” route for deploying Bodington. It is still true that […]

Notes on Bodington

Well, not actually *on* Bodington. More like about Bodington. I’ve downloaded the sucker and am trying to install it, and am having success. Since I’ve not found much in the way of help in any of the official channels (, etc.), I thought I’d post my notes here. So again, this isn’t a HowTo. This […]


So we gave in to the pressure and got Emma and Grace a kitten. Farfalla. Grace named her. We have black and white butterflies in our backyard, so I guess that’s the connection. We can name our next cat Linguini or Tortellini or something. She sleeps on Emma’s bed. Emma wasn’t too happy about that […]