Dropping in bodington.war

Well, turns out that dropping bodington.war into the Tomcat server does work without a hitch if you do the dropping from within the Tomcat Manager application. I just upgraded this morning from Tomcat 5.5 to Tomcat 6.0, and so I decided to try the “drop in” route for deploying Bodington.

It is still true that you have to add the database driver libraries under WEB-INF /lib in order to get your chosen database to be visible to the setup screen. So the rules are:

  1. use Tomcat manager to deploy bodington.war
  2. copy your db jar files to bodington/WEB-INF/lib/.   Or as Matthew pointed out in the comments, your Tomcat install may already have the proper db library jar files located in $CATALINA_HOME/lib.
  3. use Tomcat manager to restart bodington, if you added db jar files to the web app.
  4. log in as sysadmin (read the bodington/WEB-INF/adminpw.txt file for the password)
  5. follow the configuration dialogs
  6. when you’re up and running, delete the adminpw.txt file, or make it invisible to the world or something.

2 thoughts on “Dropping in bodington.war

  1. You can always drop the database JARs into shared/lib or if you are thinking about using a database connection pool provided by tomcat commons/lib. Which means you don’t lose the JARs on Bodington upgrade.

  2. Matthew, excellent point. In Gentoo, which uses a non-Tomcat-standard file layout, the best place probably would be under /usr/share/tomcat-6/lib/ which is where I dropped log4j.jar. I am in the habit of keeping all of my dependencies together with the application, because I usually build with Maven 2 and that’s what it does by default (unless you tell it that the container already has the library in question).

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