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sakai is up

it lives Got Sakai up and running on my home workstation, built using maven2 from svn, checked out using “git-svn clone …” for each component (yep, I am a glutton for punishment!) running Gentoo Linux, Tomcat 6, and the native hsqldb. Here is a screenshot to prove it. I will jot down the details tomorrow, but essentially I created the missing directories under /var/lib/tomcat-6/ that the sakai maven2 plugin expected, and then added those libs and jars to the /etc/tomcat-6/catalina.properties (I think) file for server, shared, and common (again, I’ll correct this tomorrow). In the default Gentoo install, those are blank in that file.

Still not perfect—lots of stuff breaks with errors just on click around, but making progress at least.

For the screenshot I looked for something that would say the version and compilation target, etc., in the about page, but didn’t see it. I think that will be one of the first things I add to the templates.

Looking forward to using velocity again, although on second thought, I remember getting pretty annoyed with it towards the end of the last project I used it for.