Not a great idea to use Sakai-svn, Maven2, Tomcat6

So, after a few days of hacking through the config files with my trusty machete, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that Sakai-svn doesn’t work right with Maven2 and Tomcat6. 

This is probably not at all surprising to those who develop on Sakai, but whatever.

From my perspective (rank novice at Sakai,  mediocre at jsp, never used Spring, never used JSF, decent at Maven2 and Tomcat), the various Sakai tools suffer from a lack of uniform oversight.  Especially with the Maven dependencies in the various pom files, I see lots of inconsistencies with versions of libraries, etc.

I have been focusing on Samigo, but the problems are throughout the code.  Some things run great, some are very broken.  For example, the various dependencies of that project end up putting both Sun’s api and implementation of JSF, and the Apache MyFaces api and impl into the WEB-INF/lib/ jar file list.  So on start up you get a complaint about that.  Then there are message bundles that seem to be properly initialized in the server faces xml setup file, but they make the jsp pages choke.  I see some errors in the log file relating to cglib which *might* be related to some sort of way to join faces and jsp (pure guess on my part).  I can fix those errors by manually declaring the message sets in the jsp (copying the same stuff done in usermembership tool), but how tedious is that?

So I got tired of Samigo, and just clicked on the other tools to see what would break, and many of them broke in exactly the same ways.

On the plus  side, I recognized most of the errors that I saw pop up on other pages, noting problems with messages resource bundles, etc., but fixing all that will take a bit of work when I really just want to evaluate whether this is better than Bodington for my needs right now.

Maybe by the time we go live with this project the Bodington folks will have come out with version 2 of their fine app and all my problems will go away.


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