So Craig has been using TiddlyWiki to edit his progress on his plateful of a dozen or so projects, so I thought I’d give it a try for my 10 projects. I’m trying to keep up with my workload by “doing something” on each thing on my list every day. A few years ago I read that if you put in some mental effort, no matter if it is only a few seconds, on every item in a list of things to do, then you’ll eventually work your way through them. I buy into that because if you don’t work on something, it won’t get done, so just work (channeling Andy Warhol via the Songs for Drella tape that Chris sent me years and years ago).

TiddlyWiki in its default incarnation is pretty cool. I like the idea of editing a file, and then being able to browse around in it via the JavaScript code. But I wanted to set up a hierarchy of items underneath projects, like a To Do list. Craig commented that I’d need the monkey something something plugins for that. So I looked at the list of plugins and found the MonkeyPirate TiddlyWiki distribution and loaded it up. I was sold on it by checking out the book that was written using it. I liked the hierarchical organization of content done via tagging. If TiddlyWiki can get the server-side code up and running, it would be interesting to insert such a tool into the Sakai/Bodington/whatever training site we are setting up as our “best practices documentation tool.”


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