Porting to Dojo 0.9

I’ve been using Dojo for a while now, and as I’ve gotten my Sakai install stablized (for the moment), the next summer project is going to be to start migrating my JavaScript mappingand plotting code over to Dojo 0.9.

Right off the bat, I’ve got a problem in that I make nifty charts from data (volume versus occupancy for a loop detector station over time, etc).  While I’ve written out data plotting scripts in many languages, I really was kind of happy to not have to do that again with Dojo.  And now the charting engine is gone (eventually to reappear in dojox, I gather).

Maybe as an interim solution I can  just generate the plots on the server and push them out as png files.

But (surprise) I’ve only done that in Perl and LaTeX, not in Java.  Maybe someone has an example in Batik to crank out plots, or maybe I can port bits I use from the Dojo 0.4 charting engine to Java/Batik.

Perhaps I can use this as an opportunity to learn how to *really* use Java servlets, and write a servlet for plotting my data.

I wish I could just use one graphics language everywhere, say ImageMagick or TixZ or whatever.


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