I crashed into a closed door

Last night, as usual, Farfalla woke up at about 2 and started purring and crawling on me.  She refused to settle down, so I had to put her out in the basket and close the door.

About an hour later Grace woke up and was yelling for Mommy.  So I got up to check on her, and I must’ve blinked at the  wrong time because suddenly I slammed my nose into the door and was seeing stars.  I woke Brooke up to deal with Grace and went to the bathroom to view the damage.  I could feel blood, but it turned out that was from the outside of my nose, not the inside.  I most likely bruised or cracked the bone, but it didn’t look too horribly bent out of shape.  But then, after I wiped off the blood and cleaned my hand, my body caught up with my injury and I went into a sweat and felt like I was going to black out.

Brooke was done calming Grace down, so she then helped me, getting me a bag of frozen blueberries (!), which helped both to de-shock my body and to dull the pain in my nose.  Eventually I fell asleep propped up on pillows.

This has nothing to do with my banging my head against a brick wall trying to cross compile Perl (again) for Bering-uClibc.  That brick wall is metaphorical.  But I am making progress there.


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