Two Posts in a Day!

Crazy wide site at  I once thought that width and height would be used by websites.  wouldn’t it be cool to have an infinitely wide and high site?  I think I read something about on-line comics that prompted that, McCloud rings a bell??  But wide and high sites mean one giant download of content.  But with javascript and some google-maps like image replacement/content replacement/Ajax trickery, you can get that infinite feel to a site.

So it is just so crazy retro to see a site that really is wide, and really does have a long horizontal scrollbar.

I am apparently spending the day strolling the internet.  Reminds me of the super old days when the Internet was new and all back in 1995, and I was reading Suck daily and everybody’s  website consisted of a short diary that was maybe updated daily, and links to cool stuff.

Back when Wired was compelling.


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