Using RSF

Like sticking needles in my eyes and blinking rapidly.

Well, perhaps not that bad, but I am having a difficult time getting the feel of RSF.   It is great when it works, but nothing works the way I expect.  For example, I am trying to just pass a message from a form into a bean, run a query against a db, and return the results.  The query parameters of course are not things that should be persisted in the db, so they are perfect candidates for exploding beans or whatever they are called.  But those don’t work the way I expect, as there is no way to know a priori what the OTP is for the bean, so you have to use a bean finder or what not.  It’s all horribly complicated and involved, and there is no simple example.

I’m going to copy the phonebook example and see if I can’t get some progress.  It is looking pretty good so far.  Then I think I will start to develop some zen meditations on features of RSF that I feel are particularly opaque in the wiki.


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