Asking for trouble

I experimented with tags, but suddenly noticed that my spam went off the charts.  Considering comments on this web log are few and far between, it was pretty shocking to see the spam tick way up.  And now that I’ve removed tags, I seem to have ticked back down to my usual obscurity.

Google page rank of 5

Actually 4 if you don’t count the nested link on Prof. Hitchins’ website Actually 3 if you figure UPenn’s is number 1, and Prof. Hitchins’ book reference and website combine for number 2. So how is market systems engineering a fast growing field? Perhaps UPenn is trying to make something happen with their job call! […]

Markets? Systems? Engineering?

U Penn has a job call for a professor of market systems engineering. I’ve never heard of this “fast growing field”, but isn’t that what transportation engineering is all about (at least the way I do it)? We’ve got demand, which is intrinsically a phenomenon of microeconomics, supply, which is largely engineering based, and we’ve […]

diamond lace

figured out the stitch for diamond lace by screwing up on rows 15 through 19, then trying to fix it and failing, undoing it, writing it out, and finally getting it right last night. Here are my rough notes, I will fix them up when I get home and can read my correct notes The […]