Asking for trouble

I experimented with tags, but suddenly noticed that my spam went off the charts.  Considering comments on this web log are few and far between, it was pretty shocking to see the spam tick way up.  And now that I’ve removed tags, I seem to have ticked back down to my usual obscurity.

Another way I’ve been asking for trouble is  trying to use RSF for my Tracer work, instead of the horrible but not broken Struts hacks.  It has taken me all day, and I still can’t log in via Ajax/JSON.  I’m close though, and if I can solve this problem everything else should be cookie cutter.

And finally, I was up before dawn today to make bread, and now Grace is up sick, so I am too.  Up that is.  I guess sick will be tomorrow.  Or the next day, when I am due for a partial crown on my tooth.


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