Diamond lace knitted in the round part 3

Okay, my previous post on this diamond lace pattern was all wrong. I read Barbara Walker’s third book, and there is a throwaway line that when you knit in the round you can just skip the extra stitches at either side of the repeat pattern. I also figured out charting knitting patterns, and indeed that is true, both on paper and in reality. I banged out a test little cap that fits Grace’s American Girl doll.

And charting has helped me to figure out how to be more methodical in reducing towards the top of this hat. Not sure how things will pan out as I complete rows 11 to 20, but we’ll see, hopefully soon.


Up at 5

Well, I woke up today at 5am due to my on-going spring cold.  Then Farfalla jumped on the bed, so I figured I’d may as well get up.  Made myself a cup of tea, played with the cat for a few minutes, then sat down and decided to log into WordPress, and lo and behold, there are massive upgrades here.

Well, massive isn’t likely the word.  All changes are incremental.

My original reason for starting this was to see this wysiwyg editor in action.  I still hate that Emacs keys aren’t supported (control e doesn’t get me to the end of the line, control k puts me up in Firefox’s search bar, etc), and now it appears that the “Its all Text” plugin doesn’t recognize this as text, so I can’t pop up Emacs to edit this.

I’m not sure I like the “Its all Text” plugin, but it is annoying to see that I don’t have the option to use it.  Something to think about as *I* shove these fancy editors into web pages.

Joined Ravelry.  Not sure what the fuss is about.  What I want is a tool to design patterns.  Perhaps I’ll write my own.