Falling knife

In real life, I caught a falling knife I knocked off the table two weeks ago.  But it was a butter knife.  On the other hand, I did grab it by the handle and amazed myself and my daughters at how fast my reflexes are. Continue reading


Wacky Ideas

So I was writing an email and considering the different strengths of Transims/Matsim vs a microsimulator, and I wrote that Transims can help us analyze big policy questions like what if we replaced all of the freeways with bike lanes. Continue reading

The only thing I hate is the name

SlideRocket is pretty nifty.  But I hate the name.  Now that slides are totally obsolete—not only have they not been used for presentations for about 15 years, but you also pretty much can’t get a roll of slides developed without paying in blood—why keep the slide name associated with a presentation package.  Frankly, my mental image is when the kids put their old plastic slide in the wading pool and go rocketing down their home made water slide.

Continue reading

Car sharing or bike rental?

I don’t understand how car sharing can be profitable.  You run into the same problem that public transit has—expensive vehicles with a long life offered to a people who could buy or lease their own car.  While the cars are shiny and new now, in 5 years they will not be.  Perhaps the zip-car’s of the world buy new cars regularly, and sell their old cars used. Continue reading