slow progress on the couchdb front

Some small, slow progress today, in and amongst other things.  Got a db up, put in two simple glossary entries, set up two views, and was able to ping from perl using AnyEvent::CouchDB, which seems more up-to-date than Net::CouchDb, and anyway, I couldn’t get Net::CouchDb to pass along a key=”blahblah” parameter on a get request.

Tonight maybe I will modify the upload script to put the glossary in MediaWiki to instead populate the couchdb.  But I first have to solve a method for embedding links into the entries.  Right now my glossary app intercepts and rewrites the media wiki -generated links as needed.  I can make my life somewhat easier if I use couchdb directly, perhaps.

And then I have ideas for an editor, so that I can use ajax dialogs to pull in existing terms to make creating and editing entries somewhat easier.  Say an entry is being edited, query the db for all terms that are related to the text in the current definition, post those in a growing list on the right for drag and drop.

Which raises another question I’ll have to answer, how do you drag and drop stuff into an text box that is being edited and have the drop land at the point of edit.  When as I recall, the jquery editable type of widget thingee reverts when focus is lost.  Perhaps that is something that is settable.

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