Consistency isn’t a design goal for CouchDB

Okay, so figure 2.1 of the couch db book says that consistency isn’t a goal of CouchDB.  So my prior post worrying about the fact that there are no foreign keys or FK constraints, etc., could result in inconsistent statement isn’t something I should worry about.  Instead, I should expect that data from the database […]

possibly inconsistent data

One of the things I am trying to figure out with couchdb is how to structure data so that it can’t be internally inconsistent, what is that, normalized, I guess. So suppose I have Caltrans District, County, and City.  All of which are cleanly delimited, etc etc.  In a relational database, I’d enforce consistency by […]

Knitting diamonds in the round, hm?

Blog stats are funny.  My incomplete and possibly incorrect posting for my original diamond lace hat is by far the most popular thing I’ve written (popular being a relative term, with only like 300 views).  Looking at the stats, it is mostly one off google searches for diamond lace knitted in the round, etc. etc.  […]