Knitting diamonds in the round, hm?

Blog stats are funny.  My incomplete and possibly incorrect posting for my original diamond lace hat is by far the most popular thing I’ve written (popular being a relative term, with only like 300 views).  Looking at the stats, it is mostly one off google searches for diamond lace knitted in the round, etc. etc.  So I really will make an effort to post the actual chart that I used for my second hat, which came off without any glitches and flew off my needles in two evenings.

I’m actually working right now on a cabled hat (v2) and am taking notes on the decreases.  The cables themselves are pretty easy (using Barbara Walker’s second knitting treasury as source, and her advice that fisherman’s sweaters are vertical cable samplers—so this hat is just a cable sampler).

But first I’ve got another monster project  (scarf) to finish.  My goal is 60 rows a night, but I’ve only done 18 and then 24.  At 24 rows a night, I will finish by Christmas, but with no time to spare.

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