possibly inconsistent data

One of the things I am trying to figure out with couchdb is how to structure data so that it can’t be internally inconsistent, what is that, normalized, I guess.

So suppose I have Caltrans District, County, and City.  All of which are cleanly delimited, etc etc.  In a relational database, I’d enforce consistency by using foreign key constraints, so District 12 links to Orange County, and there can only be one link from a county to a district, etc.  But in couchdb you don’t get foreign keys.  So if I want to include data on the district, etc, I have to shove it into the document.  But that means I can make mistakes, and no one will stop me.

So I can have one document that says:

  'City' : 'Costa Mesa',
  'County': 'Orange',
  'District': 12

and another that says

  'City' : 'Newport Beach',
  'County': 'Orange',
  'District': 7

Even though the county of Orange should never be understood to be in District 7. Putting just the one-level-up doesn’t help either, because then I can’t sort on


And while I am  on the subject of sorting, I can’t yet figure out how to get a numerical sort of districts.  They are called 1, 2, 3, … , 12, but sorting them on District_id in the view and I get “1”, “10”, “11”, etc  alpha sorting, not numeric ordering.  I figure I’ll get that one sorted eventually.  I saw something that said to sort on dates, so I suppose it is a similar hack, or writing javascript to convert text to numbers in the view function before emitting the key.


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