Not very regular posting

I haven’t been posting anything here.  I’ve been trying out Twitter.  I think I get the idea.  But I really don’t want to talk to anybody.

I knit up a hat for Emma accidentally in starlight lace (from Barbara Walker, vol 2).  Pics to follow when I get them off my camera.  I needed a circular swatch for starlight lace.  I already had a straight knitting swatch that was about 4 inches for 2 stars, and I approximately measured Emma’s head to be 20 inchres, to that is 10 stars.  Cast on 60 stitches, figure out how to modify Barbara Walker’s pattern for cirucular knitting, and zoomed up a buncha repeats.  My straight swatch said 1.5 inches per star, so I figured a repeat was pretty close to just one star, because they are offset by the half-drop method or whatever.  So roughly guessing without ever measuring, I one repeat in blue, two in lavendar, another few rows in blue, then cracked down the reduction rows in white.  3 repeats is roughtly 4.5 inches, which seemed maybe too short, but that’s fine, I didn’t care.

The reduction wasn’t too bad.  I found it worked best to dump the first yo in the pattern.  I dropped stitches every other row, with a row of knit in between.

My reduction plan was:

2:2  cumulative: 2   remaining: 58  (kill off two stars on opposite sides)

4:2 cumulative: 4 remaining: 56

6:4 cumulative: 8 remaining:52  (a difficult row because here the pattern reduces to 4 st from 6st)

8:4 cumulative: 12 remaining:48  (8 repeats of 6 sts)

10:8 cumulative: 20 remaining: 40  (now reduce one stitch per star)

12:8 cumulative: 28 remaining: 32  (one more gone)

14:16  cumulative: 44 remaining:16  Ah, but this is wonky, because the pattern reduces to 4 st.  Went for sl2-k2tog-p2ss0, y0

16 : 16cumulative: 60 remaining:abort abort

I bailed out on the plan at row 14, deciding instead to just do some yo and knits, trying to keep the reduction pretty severe but keeping in mind that switching from a lacy yarn-over state to all knit state would be most likely waay too fast.  I I think I put in 2 or 3 rows total of things like

16: ssk, yo, k2tog

17 knit

18: I forget.  maybe k3tog, yo?

20: cut end and loop through twice.  Or maybe on row 22.

Currently blocking the hat as severely as I can on a childs-size soccer ball!  Deflated a bit, pulled on the hat, stitched the open end of the hat round and round with some waste yarn, and then pulled.  Then inflated the soccer ball back up.

I’ll find out when I get home if that all worked.

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