So Grace is signed up for the kids rockwall class.  Hopefully she has as much fun as she had Sunday.


Maven skipped out on me in Eclipse!?

Strange as it may seem, Maven decided to stop working in Eclipse. I was trying to get an old project up in Eclipse to edit it to use the new Sakai K1 code, and couldn’t import it as an existing Eclipse site.  So I used the Maven import function, but had problems (it kept insisting on making 5 projects instead of one with 4 sub projects).  I was also having problems with my pom.xml files, so I decided to turn off some options with Maven in the Eclipse settings.

That was my mistake.  Something about what I did with the options was very bad, and Maven entirely disappeared from my Eclipse install.  No menu, no Window-> Preferences -> Maven category, no resolution of Maven repository, nothing.  I tried ripping out maven and reinstalling it, but no joy.

So I just deleted .eclipse from my home directory, and have to start over.

Sometimes I wonder if Eclipse is worth it.

update, the sakai app builder might be the culprit here