Swinger is cool, Sammy looks cooler

Just tried out swinger.  It is cool.  But I can’t get authorization to work right using the trunk checkout of couch (0.11.blahblah_git).  Something to hack on

But I’m more interested in playing with Sammy.js.  The two application stack figures on the blog page (and in the Swinger slides) are interesting.  Take away the couchdb bit, add Sakai’s K2, and you’ve got a very similar picture.  Sure couchdb can serve the app with attachments to the _design doc, but that’s not the point.  The point is being able to stick documents into a db and then get them out again in interesting ways without having to bend over backwards on the server side.

But again, I have to play with it for a while and see what it can do.


Barbara Tomblin is getting interviewed on Tavis Smiley show!

Crazy news.  After toiling away for a few years researching a book on escaped civil war slaves and their role in the Union Navy’s blockade of the South in the Civil War, and after push push pushing to get it published, my mother in law, Barbara Tomblin finally got her third (I think) book published.  Then, before she’s even given her daughter a copy  to put on our book shelf next to G.I. Nightingales and With Utmost Spirit, we got a call yesterday that she’s going to be on the radio on the Tavis Smiley show today.  I guess the interview is getting taped today, will probably get picked up on the radio show later today, and then will be podcast at some point on the website.

Anyway. I’m posting this here so maybe Google will pick up a link and anyone searching for “the role played by escaped slaves in the Union blockade along the Atlantic coast” will have a better chance of finding her interview.

Back from vacation

Twitter’s insidious influence on my brain has me jotting things down in short phrases.  Postcards to myself.

Back from Hawaii.

Got some knitting done on Emma’s sweater (sleeve 1 is done, sleeve 2 is 80%).

Got some sun.

Got some food poisoning.

Got a clue that I definitely hurt my hip over Easter by swimming.

Got behind on my work.