Tokyo Tyrant is cool

Just to have a recollection of this later, some notes. setting up tokyo tyrant instances, one per month.  I expect about 4 million records a day, so that is 120 million a month, so I set bnum to 480 million, which seems insane, but worth a shot One thing I noticed was that in shifting […]

Putting stuff away

Started testing out TokyoCabinet and TokyoTyrant last Friday, and got my initial test program running this morning.  The documentation is pretty good, but I’m still floundering about a little bit.  Not sure what parameters to pass to the b+ tree database file to make it work well for my data; not sure how to set […]

Using psql copy from DBIx::Class

I am loading up lots and lots of data, and need to track what is going on, but I really don’t need all of the stuff that DBIx::Class brings with it.  So I got a clue today and decided I was just going to use copy directly, picking off the file, gunzip-ping it, and using […]

Not yet almost famous

I learned something pretty interesting last weekend, as we visited my in-laws and we finally got our copy of Barbara’s latest book on the civil war.  Apparently, Tavis Smiley tapes his shows in advance, and then airs the segments when they fit.  I always assumed that these radio talk shows were just non-stop live craziness, […]