PUT problem solved

I had a problem linking up dojo/xhrPut and Catalyst::Controller::REST. As always, the answer was in the documentation, but I didn’t see it. Catalyst::Controller::REST docs say that: The HTTP POST, PUT, and OPTIONS methods will all automatically deserialize the contents of $c->request->body based on the requests content-type header. A list of understood serialization formats is below. […]

It’s a razor thin line, but obvious which side you’re on

So yesterday was the first day of Secret Santas at Grace’s school. Same dreadful drill as when we were kids…pick names out of a hat, get somebody you’re not friends with, and then try to think up gifts all week long. What with Nutcracker rehearsals and performances, I didn’t hear about it until Sunday night, […]

Finally on the air

My mother-in-law just got notified that her interview with Tavis Smiley is finally going to get aired Dec 11, and will subsequently be posted forevermore on-line! Hello Ms. Tomblin, I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that your interview with Tavis will be running on our show this weekend. You […]

Tedious but necessary

I’ve found that I prefer making things to maintaining things. My wife will testify that tidying up is not my forte, but that I don’t mind the most laborious cooking task.