It’s a razor thin line, but obvious which side you’re on

So yesterday was the first day of Secret Santas at Grace’s school. Same dreadful drill as when we were kids…pick names out of a hat, get somebody you’re not friends with, and then try to think up gifts all week long. What with Nutcracker rehearsals and performances, I didn’t hear about it until Sunday night, but the girls and I had made cookies over the weekend so that seemed like an appropriate gift, fitting the “small, home made” type of requirements. So we got our act together, and Grace gave a decent gift.

Luckily it is better to give than to receive, because some poor child’s parents are on the other side of that utter fuck-up line. What Grace got from her Secret Santa was a small binder clip holding a styrofoam packing peanut that had been rubbed in the dirt.

Grace is awesome and resilient. Instead of dwelling on her misfortune, last night she worked on a big colorful drawing of terror and destruction…a mutant parrot stomping on buildings and eating a cow is just right for the boy she picked out of the hat.


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