Okay, two lessons. No, three. First iron man perl planet rocks. Second, from now on push up code examples with my code problems. Third, I need to turn off moderation on this blog, since the spam filter seems to work pretty well.

I’m working up an example of the problem I had with DateTime and my attempts to solve it, and I’ll fold in the suggestions I got on my previous post (especially if they solve the problem!)

I used perl today, and I can’t figure out how to get my paper man icon.

I used perl today. Moose. I ran into a problem. It was annoying. I am way too stressed and tired to blog more. But I will anyway, secure in the knowledge that no one reads this blog but google’s spiders.

Okay anyway I used MooseX::Declare, and couldn’t get the method signature stuff to work. I did something like

method weekend_or_vacation (DateTime $dt){
  # check if weekend or vacation
  # with vacation being the tricky bit
  if($vacation || $weekend){
   return 1;
    return 0;

But MooseX::Declare kept complaining that it didn’t know what DateTime was. I scanned the tests in t and sure enough, they all test simple things like Str and ArrayRef and so on, but none of the more magical parts of type checking.

I eventually solved it the old fashioned way by puking if the argument wasn’t a DateTime, but I’d rather do it the method signature way.