namespace::clean compile problem solved

I couldn’t get namespace::clean to compile and install properly on one of my servers. It was a clean Perl 5.10.1 install, so I couldn’t really see what the problem was. But just to be safe I really really cleaned out perl, reinstalled, and then ran Gentoo’s perl cleaner utility, ran a revdep-rebuild, etc etc. Then […]

Musing about traffic forecasts

I wonder if there is any point to making traffic forecasts. Everybody likes weather forecasts and economic forecasts, and even global warming forecasts and peak oil forecasts. But I don’t see any traffic forecasts being made, and I’ve been thinking about why. First off, I can’t see any direct benefit of making traffic forecasts. In […]


It turns out it is hard to find an apartment or hotel for rent in Paris in late June. Who knew? Oh for the days when a hotel with radio-playing and jack-hammering workmen at 7 am plus a Brit screaming out the window (in English, of course) at the workers to turn the radio down […]