gnome slackbuild icon fix

While I’m happier with slackware than ubuntu (another post on that is in order some day), I had a rather nice combo of gnome plus xmonad running on Ubuntu on my laptop. I mostly got that replicated on my slackware 13.1 install, but I was having trouble with gnome slackbuild icons not showing up. I finally stumbled upon the solution when I double-finger clicked on the desktop to change the background.

When I did that I noticed that suddenly all the icons were there. So I rebooted (icons gone again) and in a terminal typed ps ax > before.txt, then clicked on the desktop to change the background again (icons appear). Then I typed another ps ax >after.txt, and grepped the two files. Turns out gnome-settings-daemon was running now. For some reason that wasn’t running by default. So I turned it on (/usr/libexec/gnome-settings-daemon, if I recall correctly) in the start up programs menu, and now I’m pretty happy with my setup.

Few more problems left to solve…I’m using kmix still because there isn’t a slackbuild for pulseaudio yet, I haven’t yet tried to compile pommed to get keyboard backlighting on, and I still haven’t sorted out screen backlight levels.