Apparently I will soon be too old

My hair is long since “beginning to grey”, which is becoming a cause for concern. My wife has always said that if my research funding dried up I could always jump to some other job programming. But the article linked above suggests otherwise. Even though I got carded yet again at Trader Joe’s last week, […]

CouchDB changes feed

Quick post that the “Asynchronous architectures with the CouchDB _changes feed” webcast hosted by O’Reilly Media was good. Unfortunately, what I really want to do is not yet possible out of the box. I want to use the GeoCouch indexer to filter the changes feed. So for example (and liberally inventing the ‘&&’ operator that […]

Thinking about documenting everything

A new project we are trying to get going here at the newly re-christened California Traffic Management Labs is an information portal that documents everything related to transportation modeling. While this is really great work for us academics, it presents some interesting problems. On the one hand, it is simple. All we have to do […]

“Omnidirectional Mic” is Apple speak for mono mic in

Drove myself nutty trying to get stereo microphone input under slackware on my macbook pro (MBP 5,5). I made a screencast under OSX using the built in version of quicktime. I recorded screencapture in one process, my voice and face (from the iSight cam) in another process, and merged them together in the movie editor. […]

California Traffic Management Labs

We are searching for a new name for our physical and intellectual resources here at UCI. We have a real-world laboratory in that we have streets and highways that are instrumented. We used to call ourselves “ATMS Testbed”, and we still call ourselves Testbed, but we’re trying to push the notion that we aren’t ATMS. […]