California Traffic Management Labs

We are searching for a new name for our physical and intellectual resources here at UCI. We have a real-world laboratory in that we have streets and highways that are instrumented. We used to call ourselves “ATMS Testbed”, and we still call ourselves Testbed, but we’re trying to push the notion that we aren’t ATMS. ATMS stands for Advanced Transportation Mangement System, but it has been usurped by its association with the software that is used to run the modern traffic control centers. So ATMS sounds like we just work on the ATMS software, but we actually do almost nothing with the ATMS software!

So we kicked around some names on email, and had a meeting this morning to discuss the name, and we very quickly settled on California Traffic Management Labs, in less than an hour! Magically,, .com, and .net are all available, so we got them.  We decide to use as the primary site, because hey, “net” is like network, which is what we do.

So, once we get our website up and running at the end of the summer, if you want to do traffic management research and deployment, come to and see what we have to offer.

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