GeoJSON tiles working!

Yesterday and today I built a working GeoJSON tiler using node.js, connect, polymaps.js, postgis, and some elbow grease. It is up and running on my development server, and I will be pushing up the building blocks to github when I clean them up a little bit.

Pondering geojson tiles

Today I felt rather like I was sifting through a bin of Lego looking for the parts to build a fantastical spaceship, but just not seeing it.  I have been exploring the capabilities of polymaps.  I like the code, and it seems like it is pretty functional, but I was missing something.  The brochure content […]

Rummaging in the garage

The second to last thing I was doing today was rummaging through boxes in the garage.  My father gave me two really cool things many years ago, and I’ve misplaced both.  One of them I really want…a gold coin.  When he gave it to me when I graduated college (I think, it could have been […]

Trying to force a scalar to be a number

I love the flexibility of Perl and JavaScript to do anything with a variable, but sometimes it bites me. I am slurping geometries from a database using PostGIS’s ST_AsGeoJSON function via dbix::class.  I have a loop that stores what I need from each record in the db, and then when all the data is loaded, […]

Transportation research and the public

In our work with Caltrans at CTMLabs, we are often confronted with the issue of whether or not to make information public.  Caltrans has as it mission the requirement to provide a safe, efficient, and economical transportation system for the state of California.  As academics, we think part of that should be to free up […]

Work work work

We are launching our new website any day now.  I wrote it up a while back…searching my posts, I wrote it up back in August! Craig and Duncan got single sign on working via the magic of CAS.  For a long time I did nothing, as I was pushing hard on a data fusion project […]