New car

With the help of Rami from, we bought a new Golf TDI yesterday.

I was asked why why why, when I am supposedly so Green, did we not buy a leaf or at least a prius. Well, I think the golf tdi is plenty green, especially given that I’m riding my bicycle every day. I am not positive about the analysis, but I am pretty sure that producing and then disposing of the batteries in a Prius/Volt/Leaf/etc is still a pretty dirty proposition. Plus the electricity has to be produced and transmitted, and I *know* that my local electric company isn’t ready for the coming electricity demand spike. The extra load will have to be handled somehow, and for the short term at least that load will probably be some aging power plant that needs to be replaced.

I think electric cars are probably the future, but personally, I don’t want to rush it until the technology is cleaned up and the infrastructure is sorted.


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