Replicator database in practice

The replicator database in couchdb is cool, but one needs to be mindful when using it.

I like it better than sending a message to couch db to replicate dbx from machine y to machine z, because I can be confident that even if I happen to restart couch, that replication is going to finish up.

The problem is that for replications that are not continuous, I end up with a bunch of replication entries in the replicator database. Thousands sometimes. Until I get impatient and just delete the whole thing.

For the way I use it, the best solution is to write a view into the db to pick off all of the replications that are not continuous and that have completed successfully, and then do a bulk delete of those documents. But I’m never organized enough to get that done.

Here’s hoping such a function finds its way into Futon some day.

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