Reduced parking requirements article

There is an article in today’s LA Times that talks about a move to reduce the parking requirements of various kinds of retail. This is very interesting and could begin to push people to reduce driving. In parallel, there are a few laws on the books in California that require denser development in order to […]

Pipe dream of two-wheeled loaded touring

I’ve been thinking about the cost of a High Speed Rail line in California, and I really think we should take some money from that project and build a long distance cycle path from Mexico to Oregon.  Something like this A quick search of Google turned up a cost estimate for an undivided 2 Lane […]

CAS validate

My first program pushed up to npm turned out to be a javascript CAS ( library I wrote for our portal at The main think holding me up pushing anything to npm was the lack of tests. While I never run tests on packages downloaded from npm (one area where CPAN is definitely better […]