Pipe dream of two-wheeled loaded touring

I’ve been thinking about the cost of a High Speed Rail line in California, and I really think we should take some money from that project and build a long distance cycle path from Mexico to Oregon.  Something like this

A quick search of Google turned up a cost estimate for an undivided 2 Lane Rural Road with 5′ Paved Shoulders = $2,400,000. The border to border route returned by Google is 1,000 miles, so that would be we would need $2.4 billion or so to build it. Maybe less because a bikeway is more like just the paved shoulder part of a two lane highway, but maybe not because this is some pretty isolated real estate and the constructions costs could be high.

According to the first page of Google results on the cost of the California High Speed Rail project, the cost is likely to be around $68 billion. So shave off two of those billions, throw it at a dedicated right of way on the coastal bike route, and watch the tourists roll in from all over the world.

If the California Coast Long Distance Bikeway (is that an acronymic title?) copies the development of the HSR line, and starts in the middle…it wouldn’t be a problem! The coastline from Santa Barbara to Monterrey varies from beautiful to breathtaking. Starting in the middle is a wonderful idea.

Maybe I can write a grant to study this idea further.

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