Transfer prints

It is possible to make transfer prints from ink jet print outs. Professor Gerald R. Van Hecke was absolutely correct when he said, back in 1989, that I should use my knowledge of chemistry rather than saying lighter fluid “magically” lifts off the images from magazines. Had I listened, I might have been open to other methods.

Apparently, the techniques are all dependent upon chemistry—something needs to attack the bonds between the ink particles and the paper. In my old use of Zippo fluid and magazines, the lighter fluid did the trick. With Polaroid type 669 transfers, in the one case the ink hasn’t yet transferred to the photo paper, and in the emulsion transfer technique, the hot water dissolves the bond between the emulsion and the paper. These new-to-me techniques (it seems most articles on the internet were from 2011 through 2013, with nothing much new happening that I can find) some substance is used to lift the ink.

A good series of articles is here, a long article covering lots of different lifting media is here, and some all-in-one PDFs are here for gel printing and here for direct transfers. This last recipe is one of many approaches that print to non-porous surfaces (cheap plastic overheads; glossy backing to printable stickers; etc.) and then slap that surface down on the receiving surface before the ink has had much chance to dry.

So next weekend’s project is lined up I guess.

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