Mode choice versus life cycle change

During TRB I attended a presentation on the effect of life cycle changes on travel pattern characteristics. The presenter defined the usual life cycle changes (getting married, changing home location, having a child, etc) and set up a structural equations model to related these changes with the size of a person’s social network, the length […]

Reduced parking requirements article

There is an article in today’s LA Times that talks about a move to reduce the parking requirements of various kinds of retail. This is very interesting and could begin to push people to reduce driving. In parallel, there are a few laws on the books in California that require denser development in order to […]

Pipe dream of two-wheeled loaded touring

I’ve been thinking about the cost of a High Speed Rail line in California, and I really think we should take some money from that project and build a long distance cycle path from Mexico to Oregon.  Something like this A quick search of Google turned up a cost estimate for an undivided 2 Lane […]

Truck traffic

Started up a new project recently to estimate traffic flows.  Our first question is to extract truck traffic estimates from those estimates. 

Wacky Ideas

So I was writing an email and considering the different strengths of Transims/Matsim vs a microsimulator, and I wrote that Transims can help us analyze big policy questions like what if we replaced all of the freeways with bike lanes.

Car sharing or bike rental?

I don’t understand how car sharing can be profitable.  You run into the same problem that public transit has—expensive vehicles with a long life offered to a people who could buy or lease their own car.  While the cars are shiny and new now, in 5 years they will not be.  Perhaps the zip-car’s of […]