Stumbled across couchdb thanks to the Sakai devel mailing list.  Looks cool, but I need to use it before I can get my head around what it might be able to do.  I think a good toy application that will also be useful is to code up Mike’s glossary using it.  That would be good because the limitation of a wiki is that when you want to add links to existing pages, you have to guess or whatnot, and anyway a wiki is not a glossary.  I just want a dynamic, editable, cross-linked glossary.  That isn’t hand-generated!

javascript thing

I can’t find the bookmark to the original source for this on my home computer, and anyway the bookmark that I thought worked on my work computer seems to be out of date.  So, here is the shell of how I start javascript programs.  Your mileage may vary.

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Salasaga frustration

Super frustrating day trying to build Salasaga, with the kicker coming at about 3:30 when ./configure finally complained that it needs libgnome.  I don’t run gnome.  Most of the time that isn’t a problem.  How annoying that they don’t list Gnome as one of their project prerequisites.  I guess that is one of the evils of having Ubuntu become so popular—perhaps developers don’t even realize that running Linux on a desktop doesn’t “require” a gnome environment.

I think I’ll wait for the ebuild to come out.

concrete 5 looks like a winner

I’ve been looking for something for Brooke to use for a while now to bang out websites. I tried rolling my own, tried a wiki, tried setting up a blog (not in that order) but nothing worked. Concrete5 looks like “the bomb” as my old friend Bob used to say.  I used their demo (until it reset) and it looked like it could do what I think Brooke wants to do with a site (format, arrange, write content, get automatic listings/directories, etc).  The FAQ says it has community tools too.  Finally, I did a control-u and saw jquery, etc etc, so I’m downloading it and going to fire it up.  I just emerged drupal yesterday, but I got all bogged down in plugins and add ons and so on. If I can’t set it up fast, it isn’t going to get done.

We’ll see how C5 works out.

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