The Hipster Stack!

This post describes my version of the Elm hipster stack. The original setup I found is located on github at carleryd/elm-hipster-stack. I had trouble with that version out of the box, because it wasn’t originally generated with Phoenix version 1.3, but rather was converted.

Besides, I think it is instructive to see how this stuff is put together.

Currently my version of the hipster stack does not yet include GraphQL. I’ll get to it when I get there.

  • Elm(version 0.18)
  • Phoenix(version 1.3)
  • GraphQL (TBD)
  • PostgreSQL (9.6.2)

How to rather than git clone

Because it is dumb to just copy and paste this, and because any “official” hipster stack will quickly get out of date given that the components (Phoenix and Elm) are rapidly evolving, what follows is how to get phoenix and elm up and running in the same repo. GraphQL might follow later, but I’m not using it that much yet (until I get the hang of phoenix and elm, it seems a bit too much to learn all at once).

Create a phoenix app thingee

Do something like

export MYAPP="hello_hipster_stack"
mix $MYAPP

Set up the database

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