Not very regular posting

I haven’t been posting anything here.  I’ve been trying out Twitter.  I think I get the idea.  But I really don’t want to talk to anybody. I knit up a hat for Emma accidentally in starlight lace (from Barbara Walker, vol 2).  Pics to follow when I get them off my camera. 

Knitting diamonds in the round, hm?

Blog stats are funny.  My incomplete and possibly incorrect posting for my original diamond lace hat is by far the most popular thing I’ve written (popular being a relative term, with only like 300 views).  Looking at the stats, it is mostly one off google searches for diamond lace knitted in the round, etc. etc.  […]

Diamond lace knitted in the round part 3

Okay, my previous post on this diamond lace pattern was all wrong. I read Barbara Walker’s third book, and there is a throwaway line that when you knit in the round you can just skip the extra stitches at either side of the repeat pattern. I also figured out charting knitting patterns, and indeed that […]

diamond lace

figured out the stitch for diamond lace by screwing up on rows 15 through 19, then trying to fix it and failing, undoing it, writing it out, and finally getting it right last night. Here are my rough notes, I will fix them up when I get home and can read my correct notes The […]