Recompiling glibc with a diff patch

Update: don’t do this, Pat did it for you! Right after posting this, of course the official patched binaries hit the internet: From: Wed Jan 28 19:23:00 UTC 2015 patches/packages/glibc-2.17-x86_64-10_slack14.1.txz: Rebuilt. So the following is only to be used as a general howto, not as specific instructions. How to Yesterday I recompiled glibc with […]

Slacking on the Couch

I run Slackware. I also use CouchDB. Seems like a natural fit, but the slackbuild on is stuck at 0.11. That’s okay, it is a good script and works well with the latest version. However, I don’t want to run the latest release of CouchDB, I want to run 1.2.x from the git repository, […]